Ski School St. Johann Alpendorf

Freeride-St.Johann.jpgWouldn´t it be wonderful while spending your ski holidays in Alpendorf to be able to elegantly and safely glide through the snow in the ski amade? In such a way that you learn everthing for this with our newly developed method that is empathic, unique and very successful! We have been doing a research on 1000 ski students and that gave us the chance to develope a new concept according to the most up-to-date educational methods based on pediatric neurology and pedagogics (mirror neurons, etc. ). Based on theses findings we developed an advanced training for our ski instructors that will help you to develop your skills a lot more than usual.

Our empathy and personal individual training will speed up your learnin success by far!

Our Team is looking forward to meeting YOU!

Yours sincerely
Dr. Toni Gruber